Workers' Compensation-- Did You Know?

Workers’ Compensation benefits are harder than ever to qualify for since the Michigan Legislature amended the Workers’ Compensation Act in December 2011.  

  • Injured workers MUST actively look for work within their limitations while recovering from their injuries, or they lose their wage benefits.
  • Work injuries that cause arthritis to become painful, but do not change the underlying condition, are NOT COMPENSABLE.
  • An injured workers’ wage benefits will be REDUCED by wages the workers could “theoretically” earn even they are unable to return to their normal jobs because of their injuries.
  • Injured workers will LOSE their workers’ compensation benefits if they return to light-duty work, and then are fired for something that is determined to be the workers’ own fault.
  • If workers suffer injuries to body parts that had pre-existing injury, the new injuries are NOT COMPENSABLE unless the workers can prove that the new injuries caused  conditions that are “medically distinguishable”.

 “Going it alone” is not a good option when dealing with a work injury.  Now more than ever you need the expertise of an attorney that specializes in Workers’ Compensation Law.  If you need help with a workers' compensation case, contact McCroskey Law today.  We have offices in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Battle Creek, and represent clients throughout West and Mid-Michigan.