On-the-Record Decisions

Every year, there are a small number of cases that qualify for an "on-the-record" decision. In these cases, Social Security made a very obvious error, and a hearing is not required.

At McCroskey Law, we evaluate every Social Security case early on. Your attorney will review your entire Social Security file, and assess your case's eligibility for an "on-the-record" decision. If your case is a candidate for an "on-the-record" decision, we will promptly send a written argument to Social Security on your behalf.

Unfortunately, there are times when Social Security denies "on-the-record" requests, and insists on holding a hearing. This even can happen in very strong cases. However, at McCroskey Law, we try to get our client's cases resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about your Social Security case, call McCroskey Law today.