Community Resources

At McCroskey Law, we realize the unexpected happens. Hard-working people get injured and sick. Jobs are down-sized. Paying for medical treatment, housing, and other essentials can become very difficult.

Our attorneys are working hard for you, but litigation is not always fast-paced. Currently, most Social Security appeals and Michigan workers' compensation claims are in litigation for at least a year. For your convenience, we have collected information about community organizations and agencies that may be able to help with your immediate needs.

List of Low-Cost Medical Clinics in the Area

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for services. Each organization and agency has its own rules, and will make its own determinations concerning eligibility.

Client Reviews
"I have been with your firm since 1999, I believe. I have already recommended the firm. Why I would it is because you have great & caring people working for you." Dawn D.
"Excellent service-- you did a great job! I would recommend McCroskey Law. Professional-- always answered questions-- very nice." George M.
"The hospitality was very great. Absolutely, I will recommend McCroskey Law. Because they really work hard for their clients. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much." Lea J.