Can An Attorney Get My Social Security Hearing Scheduled Sooner?

Many people think that Social Security attorneys are able to cut through red tape and get a claimant's hearing scheduled faster. However, there are only a few situations when an attorney can speed up a Social Security claimant's wait time. These situations include when:

  1. You have a terminal, end-stage illness.
  2. You are a Wounded Warrior.
  3. You are in extreme financial crisis, and are (or may become) homeless in the very near future.
  4. You qualify for an "on-the-record" decision.

A skilled Social Security lawyer will be able to assess your case, and determine whether you qualify for an expedited hearing. If you believe you meet the criteria for an expedited hearing, it is important that you communicate this to your lawyer.

To find out more about each category of expedited hearing, click on the headings below.