Labor Law

McCroskey Law has worked with labor unions since the founding of the law firm.  Our mission has always been to advocate for workers' rights-- be it representing injured workers, or assisting labor unions.  However, in the 1960's, McCroskey Law attorneys became increasingly involved in Michigan labor law issues.  Darryl Cochrane, our former partner, was one of the most well-regarded Michigan labor attorneys of his time. 

At McCroskey Law, we continue to recognize that labor unions are an important part of the American landscape.  We continue to work with labor unions on a variety of issues, including collective bargaining and grievances.

In addition to legal representation, McCroskey Law has an extensive history of providing legal education to labor unions and their members.  We provide state-wide training for union stewards and representatives on a wide variety of issues, including plant closures, workers' compensation, and FMLA rights and responsibilities.

Training and educational sessions are also available for non-profit advocacy groups. 

If you have a labor law question, or would like to schedule a legal education seminar, call McCroskey Law today.